Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Eagles eyes spoke!

It was a very warm day in Wyoming. I was on the road going to take care of some warranty work on a mobile home. The highway I was on was deserted. There was no one in sight and hadn’t been for the last 30 minutes. The only company I had was the radio and the sudden appearance of a Dust Devil. This miniature tornado had to be 30 feet tall and maybe 4 feet in circumference. It was unique because it had a whirling glittering appearance to it. It brought me back to the old Walt Disney TV show where Tinker bell threw a handful of pixi dust out of her hand to start and finish the show. There must have been mica in the dust for the sun to produce such a show. It was if all the stars in the galaxy were spinning in front of my eyes.

About ten minutes later while hypnotized by the road I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked, and to my surprise I saw this magnificent Bald Eagle. He was flying right on the other side of the two lane road at eye level. Our eyes locked and it was the most spiritual thing that ever happened to me to EVER. The Eagles eyes saw right into me, into my soul, heart, and mind. All my secrets were exposed. All the bad and good I had done were known. The feeling of freedom I felt from having no secrets was so uplifting that it felt like I was flying too.

Then I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that it was ok. I felt forgiven. All the crap I had done throughout my life was lifted from me. Everything in the future I would slip up on was forgiven too. I really don’t know how long the Eagle was with me, perhaps a split second, perhaps a minute. I don’t know and don’t really care. Was the Eagle a messenger from a higher power? I think that it was an encouragement to continue on, and that there would be ups and downs in life. To stay close to the path and not lose faith. Love one another.