Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crystal fog and Sunshine

I first noticed the Crystal fog in harsh driving conditions. It was a cold morning and the fog was thick on the way to work in the dark. Because of the exteme temp the fog took on a crystal like appearance.
It reminded me of the tail of a Comet that was flying with wild abandon into my headlights. Or perhaps
thousands of glass chards whose mission was to melt on impact on the warm headlights.
  No matter, the point is that there was something nice in my drive to work that morning as opposed to
a stressful journey in hazardous conditions. It helped me pass the time and shortened the trip.
The Sunshine part of the title is just that. Wonderful sunshine always makes me happy. Yet when I think about it, sunshine can also be hazardous.

 My purpose in this blog is to seek out the positive in all things, and not to let the negative get the overpowering grasp. I'm sure I will stray from the original purpose but hope to remain somewhat on target. I would like to reccomend a book. The Hiding Place-by Corrie Tenboom. This woman it seems would not rest until she could find the positive in the many negative situations in her life.

 My first thoughts are down and I say goodnight. I'll write again but don't know when.

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  1. Bob--that's one of my favorite books of all time..I have read it many times. It's a staple in my bookcase. Also--her follow up book "Tramp for the Lord" is great! LOVE YOUR BLOG!