Friday, January 13, 2012

It happens to us all

I was a young boy, my age I can’t remember. When I woke up that morning I ran to my Mom and said I dreamed a lady drove into the river with her baby and died. Mom consoled me and the day went on. A couple of hours later Mom showed me the Staten Island advance and there it was on the front page. That is my first recollection of knowing something in advance of actually knowing it.

I believe our brains abilities are far more then we may ever know. Please realize I don’t think I’m special. We all, in my opinion have had these episodes. Are you recalling them now? I also believe that it happens more than you think, but for some reason (probably awareness) we don’t notice.

Here’s a couple more. One day when my honey and I were living in our first house on west 6th street I had a very bad feeling about my Aunt Charlotte. I loved her very much and she was my dads only sister. I went out and bought a card that had cats on it and sent it saying hello how are you. Aunt Charlotte loved her cats, I hated them because they hated me. One especially intimidated me. MEAN CAT. Well anyway shortly after I sent the card my Mom called and told me that Charlotte had cancer.

The other one I’ll share comes many years later when my son Ryan was a senior in high school. I was sitting on the couch watching TV and Bronya was in the bedroom. I suddenly felt very anxious about Ryan. I got up and walked outside and turned southwest looking in the direction of Bodecker lake. After about five minutes I felt somewhat better but something bugged me about Ryan. I went back in and sat down. About five minutes later, the time it takes to get here from Bodecker, Ryan comes in with his girlfriend. He explained to me how these five guys came at him one by one, and he took care of them all. (very proud I am J ) He thought he really hurt one of them so we drove out to take a look but they were gone. Anyway when it concerns loved ones I believe we have these premonitions more that we know. Would love to hear about some of them, so if you want leave a comment.
  Thanks for reading and don’t forget to love one another.


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  1. I remember all of those stories that you told. When I was younger I use to think you had super powers (still do).
    I also remember Ryan and I would read eachothers minds. Literally! One time I was sitting in my room and was reminding myself the next time Ryan came upstairs that I needed to ask him for a ride to school the next day. Well when Ryan finally did come up he came by my room and said "Yeah I will" I looked at him confused and said "I didn't ask you anything". He said "You asked me to take you to school in the morning". But I never asked him or said it out loud. Ryan and I continued to do that for a long time. I miss him!