Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just give me the truth!

My old cell phone company and I had problems! Things were just getting too expensive, so I called customer service. I told them we needed to do something with the account or I would have to go elsewhere. They came up with a deal that wasn’t good enough so I told him what I wanted and for how much. This poor guy had enough of me and said he would have a superior call me back, because he couldn’t authorize it.

No call back after two weeks! I got in touch and during our conversation, found out that six months prior most all of their plans were lowered $30 a month. I was shocked and asked why I didn’t know about it. “ Well sir we did a press release” -So I didn’t see this and I didn’t get the discount, hmmm! I fought a good fight and got 3 months worth credited to us. However this was really annoying and I knew it wasn’t over for me.

I felt as if they did the press release and crossed their fingers hoping that not too many customers saw it. Then as people complained about cost they would reveal the new price. Not to my surprise texts started coming on new things we could add to our account, and they seemed to all be around $30. I called up and told them I was done. After a week or so we started receiving their correspondence with a early termination fee.

I gave it another week and called. I requested they drop the fee and we both move on! I explained how they never called back with help on the cost of our account. I wasn’t getting very far until I started talking about the press release and the texts I started receiving to spend more money after my discount. I merely said, “why didn’t you text me about the discount if you really wanted me to have it”--The silence was deafening---------- She then said that $18 would be all I needed to pay and we were done. I took it as opposed to the $300.

I think it would have been beneficial to their company to be honest and truly revealing about their discount. Lets just be honest. Just give me the truth! Come on American companies. God Bless America. Remember Love One Another.



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