Sunday, February 26, 2012

Merl the Squirrel (Thanks Gary)

It was a mild morning in Louisiana. The sun had not come up yet. My brother in law- his friend- and I were going squirrel hunting. I was given a crash course on the shotgun the night before and I was ready? We entered the woods and his friend immediately took off in another direction. Gary brought me to a spot and told me to sit down and wait for sunlight and I would know what to do. He then left me to find a spot of his own. He left a New York City boy whose only hunting experience was lifting rocks and looking for salamanders across the street from the projects!!! I was a bit nervous but exhilarated.

So I sat and waited. Finally the sun was rising and the squirrels went scurrying around. This is what he meant when he said I would know what to do. Well I was so busy watching them play around that I missed every possible shot. What a city slicker! The next step was to walk about fifty yards, give or take and settle back in and wait for more squirrel scurrying. During my walk to a new spot I was just amazed at the things I was seeing. While walking through a dry creek bed I was in awe of the huge trees whose root systems hung out in plain sight. It was natures art at it’s finest.

I then came upon the BIGGEST spider web I have ever seen till this day. Then I saw the spider. It was a Behemoth. This creature must have been born at the dawn of time!! I was hypnotized by the King of all spiders. I immediately named him the “banana spider” because of his bright yellow body. All the while I’m hearing shotgun blasts, hmmm someone is shooting squirrels. My walk through a National Geographic magazine finally came to an end.

It was Gary. Did you get any brother in law he said? Nope said I. I think he realized at that time I needed help. Then we saw Merl. Sitting on that tree branch just asking us to get him, reminded me of Captain Ahab strapped to Moby Dick beckoning to his crew to come after him. I took a shot and hit him. He flew up in the air and did about five 360 flips in mid air. Extreme snow boarders eat your heart out. Merl landed in between two large branches with only his butt hanging out. I shot again.

Another hit! He moved and Gary said there he is get him. I looked up and couldn’t see him. You get him I said. Blam, Gary finished him off. He took Merl and got him mounted for me. Merl proudly resides in Virginia now with my Son who takes good care of him.

Thanks for the adventure Merl and Gary. Hey remember. Love one another!


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  1. Poor Merl! We did have fun dressing him for Christmas and other occasions.